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Education and honors:

It did not take very long for Nyayaratna's elders to realize that their son was a genius. In fact they were aware of it right from his childhood. At an age when the other children were faltering at the mere ABC's of reading and writing, Nyayaratna could already read out the news from the newspaper called *Kesari to his grandfather. He could even recite the religious verses from the scriptures like Ramvijaya and the Harivijaya to his mother. Such was his brilliance.

He had his primary schooling at a village school near *Alibaug Taluka. He would finish his studies well in advance and voraciously read various other books in the remaining time. Due to his keen grasping power, he could even develop acute understanding of abstruse philosophy at school level. In standard five, he was sent to The Aryan Education Society school in Mumbai, on insistence of Shri Kunte, his teacher from the old school.

His school life was spent mainly in the study of English and Sanskrit literature. In 1925, he obtained his B. A. degree from Elphinston college in Mumbai. In college he mastered the works of, Shakespere, Shelley, Keats and Browne. In Sanskrit he savoured the masterpieces of Kalidasa, Bhavbhuti and other literature.

He had a vast knowledge of occult sciences like Palmistry, Face-Reading and Astrology.

After getting his Master's degree in 1927, he joined as a research lecturer in Shrimant Pratapsheth Tatvadnyan Mandir (College of Philosophy). To his joy, the institute had a large collection of books in its library and he grabbed that golden opportunity. He made a comparative and profound study of Eastern and Western Philosophy. He also developed keen insight into the concept of Advait Siddhanta--- "Non-Dualism" as propounded by Madhusudan Saraswati and also into the "Treatise on Yoga" by the great sage Patanjali. But the subject of his constant pondering was Adya Shankaracharya's Shaarirbhashya.

In 1933, *Shankaracharya of Sankeshwar Peeth honoured him by conferring on him the title "The True Manifestation Of the Self" i.e. Atmaswaroopacha sakshat avishkar. In 1935 the title of Nyayaratna was bestowed upon him by the Shankaracharya Dr. Kurtakoti to honour his excellent grasp of Indian system of logic (Nyaya) and he designated him as the future head of Karvirpith.

He made several expeditions to the sacred mountains of Himalayas, including places like Gangotri, Jamnotri, Kedar, Badri, Vasundhara etc. He met several saints, holy souls and great meditators sitting in their caves. In those journeys, Siddha Sadguru ( A great spiritual master ) bestowed his blessings on him and he acquired the Beejakshar Vidya ( A very precious and special spiritual knowledge about Mantras) . He stayed at the Ashrama of Mayanand Chaitanya for a few days. At Kedar Tungnath Institute, he was given the citation of Darshanalankar (a title for his mastery over different schools of Indian Philosophy) by Acharya Mahimanand.

In 1954, during the World Peace Conference held in Tokyo, he was decorated by the title Vishwashanti Sachiv i.e. the Ambassador of World Peace.
He was acclaimed as the Adhyatma Maharshi (Great Spiritual Master) by Dr. Chintamanrao Deshmukh in 1958 during the Centenary Festival of Pune Municipal Corporation. Later, he was called the Bhooshan of Alibaug Taluka (The Pride of Alibaug group of villages).

He gave spiritual healing to the miserable, the handicapped, the addicts and psychics from India as well as from USA. To treat patients in a country like USA, a recognized institute has to acknowledge your work and expertise. Maharshi had received a doctorate in Psychoanalysis for his contribution in that field from a reputed American Institute.

*Kesari is a daily newspaper founded by the great freedom fighter of India Mr. Bal Gangadhar Tilak.
*Alibaug is a Village near Mumbai(formerly Bombay)
* Sankeshwar - name of the shrine

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